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  Decade since 2014 looking back to 2004
2014 marks 10 years since Greendays most iconic and probably most sucessful mainstream album came out and in my opinion to this day still feels very relevant to the music industry.
I would say that their fanbase jumped in numbers when this album came out, I admit this was my first Greenday album in my mucis library but I had heard bits and pieces of theirs and even got a tiny bit of a Greenday education thanks to my friend Karl Coley (aka Skip95) which I send my thanks out for.
Anyway back on track the first single from this album was the title track American Idiot which was released August 31st 2004

One of my favourite points of this album has to be Jesus Of Suburbia and Homecoming as these two songs are more like 3 to 4 songs inside one big song which is pure brilliance another point is how overall each song flows onto the next

This album must be listened as a whole not just in bits and parts

R.E.M Around The Sun October

The Chills Stand By October end of

U2 How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb

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