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  THE FEELERS : A Band Who Are Truly Larger Than Life
The year was 1993 the yearwhen the World Trade Centre was attacked by a bomber, Bill Clinton became the 42nd president of the United States, along with these events as well as others in the world happening, at home here in New Zealand in Christchurch to be more specific a group of guys got together and formed a rock band who caught their first break when they won the South Island Battle Of The Bands.
The moment they signed the contract to record their debut album supersytsem it was over the grand piano at York St Studios, the moment they signed it they literally had their bottle of beer taken away from them so they could start the Tracking/recording process of Supersystem.
Sometime after Supersystem had come out it was thought that The Feelers had split up as there had been no hide nor hair of them in the local music scene for about two years that and their official website had been removed from the internet.
Just when fans had lost hope that the band were still around the guys released the double single World Away/ As Good As It Gets in 2000 (As Good As It Gets was written for the kiwi film Savage Honeymoon).
A year later they released their critically aclaimed album Communicate (which comes off more maturer then its predecessor Supersystem which is more playful and rocky) Which was produced by Gil Norton who in the past has worked with The Foo Fighters and The Pixies. The album took four months to record with 13 songs being the final track count which had been chiselled down from 50 demos and 90 songs which were written after Supersystem and spawned the singles Astronaut (which had unexpected success in the NZ Top 50 singles charts) the title track of the album Communicate, Fishing For Lisa and Anniversary, Dave Grohl of The Foo Fighters has stated he likes this album along with members of Coldplay.
When 2003 rolled round they released their 3rd studio album Playground Battle with the singles
Larger Than Life" Supernova Weapons of War The Fear along with Stand Up which was used for the Rugby campaign that year. A little after its initial release Playground Battle came out with a live bonus disc and 2 unreleased songs.
On the fourteenth of November 2006 they released their 4th album One world The recording process for this album took place over winter in Auckland, switching from studio to studio for the completion that was mixed in LA. This album dropped the singles On A High and the title track One Worldwhich dropped us the singles On A High aswell as the title track One World.
In 2008 they released 'The Best: 98-'08' is an 18-song celebration of the last decade it included many of their hits along with two new songs Beautiful Feeling and Whoever Said. Ten years after the release of their debut album super system.
The guys disappeared from the limelight for a bit until summer 2009/2010 when they released their summer hit Blue Skies which ended up becoming the anthem of summer.
In June of 2010 shit hit the fan when The band were asked to cover The Jesus Jones track Right Here Right Now for the Rugby World Cup advertising campaign there were face book pages popping up on most notable name can this feijoa get more fans then the feelers the fans came together and defended the band even Iain Baker from the original band Jesus Jones had this to say
“Hello, it's Iain from Jesus Jones - very cool that you've chosen RHRN, it sounds great!” which should show they did a great job of covering it.
As of writing this article the band have released the first single Cant Fix Me(Snakes) and the second single Didn't Want To Fall In Love from their forthcoming album Hope Nature Forgives out on August 1st.
In closing opinion this is a band who know how to communicate through their music overall they are truly larger than life in my honest opinion.

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