Songlines Across New Zealand
  Only In New Zealand
This is an article to note why some songs in NZ are considered unique as you will see in this article anyway here it goes


could you sing about Leather jackets,Gumboots and chocolate cake

Could we have a band named after a religious event (Jihad Shihad)

Could we have a record label named after a Sally Field TV show (Flying Nun)

Walk up Queen Street and deliver records to a store by hand in the early days of NZ music (Chris Knox)

Would it cost $50 Bucks to record your 1st single in the 80's (The Clean Tally Ho)

You can sing about the weather, An Auckland road or bridge
(Rain,Dominion Road,Harbour Bridge)

Can you be named after a letter or bunch of letters in the alphabet ( Zed, Elemenop)

You release 13 albums before your best of (split Enz)

Can you break up and reform over and over again (The Clean and split enz)

Can you have more than 28 line up changes in one band with the lead singer the only original member and be called the same name (The Chills)

Would we name a band after a poet/writer (the Verlaines)

Would we have a song as a contender for the world record of most cliches in one song (the mutton birds so long)

Would we turn instructions for taking panadol or tablets into a song (Adults and Children The gordons)

Would we sing about last years shoes (Last Years shoes The Mutton Birds)
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