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  DAVE DOBBYN Past and Present Written August 30th 2008
I have recently laid my hands on  the new Dave Dobbyn album Anotherland it has a significantly  different sound and feel to it lyrically, melodically and topically.
In the past Dobbyn has supplied us with rich catchy rock and pop melodies where as this album he has gone for a more Bluesy, Gospel feel.
Now lyrically and topically Dobbyns work has matured over the last 30 years in his beginnings he started out with playful lyrics for example “wrestle rumble and bump” from the song let’s Get Canine from the Footrot Flats Soundtrack, Later on in his solo work he moves onto being in love with the song Loyal. Next he goes onto the more worldly issues as seen with the lyrics  “All the refugees of the world lived in five star hotels” aswell as the verse “ And the trucks got through to Africa into Eretria and the Sudan  laden down with western surplus  it served its purpose eased a conscious or two” these verses are from the song Don’t Hold Your Breath from the Album Lament for The Numb. Next up an album which was about love of family as Dave himself had recently had a daughter at that time the songs that reflected his love were Lap of the gods, Language and Naked flame this album was called Twist.
Now the Next album called The Islander is more from an observational perspective which can be seen in the lyrics “Four stoned people in the rain they head out west where the stories are laden the driver poured his life down the drain somewhere and others are making the same journey as well as observational perspectives this album also has a feel for being there for people as seen in the verse “whatever You Need For Your Redemption anything You Want I Can Supply whatever You Need For Your Redemption well I Wouldn't Want To Leave You Hanging In The Wire” from the song Hanging In The Wire another example  being devoted aswell as  Thanking someone can be seen in these verses “And baby I'm beside you You run from the river when it long ran over you And now I'm running here beside you” from the song Beside You. Now on the compilation album Overnight Success he wrote a new song called Madeline Avenue which is a topic closer to home for Dave this place was always picked on by the council in the song Dave says How dare you call this my street of shame. The next album Hopetown has the feeling of observing aspects of all earth has to offer such as things like water (just add water),  Love (backround love, Name of love and Love like the moon) and the love and respect of our fellow friends,family and human race in general in the song My Kinda People.

I just thought I would make a list of some of his verse that i found memorable in my mind

Dont lose heart is just the rain pouring in thats no flood its just for drowning in (ROME)

youll find most of us here with our hearts wide open/ there’s a cloud the full length of these isles just playing chase with the sun and it’s black and it’s white and it’s wild all the colours are one (WELCOME HOME)

Calling all stranded calling all thirsty I’m calling all taxis to a town called mercy You’re gigging up a choir with a song called love Many millions in the band raining pennies from above And anyone unable play the tambourine Your can forget your every burden in a stream of pure water (JUST ADD WATER)

welcome to the mall where redundancy sucks and consumers are gospel (MY KINDA PEOPLE)

If you’ve been waiting you’ve been waiting too long(WAITING)

A Heart unbroken is a heart on loan (MOBILE HOME)

And there's no grander gesture there In your familiar lack of future No super-highway here They say a man don't become one Till the reaper's near upon him(HANGING IN THE WIRE)

Howdy Angel Where did you hide your wings Her love shines over my horizon she's a slice of heaven Warm moonlight over my horizon she's a slice of heaven(SLICE OF HEAVEN)

may good fortune smile upon you and may love be your only load (BESIDE YOU)

Sometimes when all of your hopes, and all of your dreams, Are too much to value in one moment.(LOYAL)

All of my innocence long since turned to dust I carry my synasism like a tourist with a camera (DONT HOLD YOUR BREATH)

Here where the rivers collide the roaring of oceans its loud and its wild(WILD KISSES LIKE RAIN)

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